Hello and welcome! We are Devon + Fela, two busy San Diego moms trying to add a little sparkle to each day, and who love toasting to life’s little and big moments. Our passion for entertaining, style, and photography have led to this creative online space. On this site, we showcase new (original) party themes every week, the latest news and visuals for our company, Sparkle + Toast {Events}, as well as create content in a lifestyle blog format.


Company Mission Statement:

Sparkle + Toast {EVENTS}, based in San Diego, delivers imagination and beauty to your event, making sure your special day is both memorable and as stress-free as possible. We curate a unique blend of personal and creative design elements. Our goal is to ignite inspiration and ensure that each event brings out the special personalities of our clients.

How did the two of you meet?
We first met in 5th grade at Francis Parker School here in San Diego! After college,
marriage, and several kids, we reconnected and grew close as “mommy friends.”
When you’re not acting as mommy & wife what do you like to do?
Fela: Brunch with friends, mani & pedi, and shopping for the latest must-have piece for
my wardrobe.
Devon: Indulging in really good food, playing photographer with my Nikon camera, and
obsessing over new decor and accents for my home.
What made you both want to start a business?
We were throwing parties for our kids and our friends for several years. After all the
compliments, and constantly responding “we just love doing this for fun…” when people
would ask us if we were event planners, one day it clicked that we should turn it into our
full-time job.
What about the blog? What’s this all about?
Our blog is the perfect artistic outlet for us to share all our inspirations beyond the party
planning world. How we style a party is often dictated by what makes us personally
excited and inspired, and we want to share those things with others.
What’s your favorite “toast”?
Fela: Sprouted wheat bread with avocado & Tajin spice; Salut! Arriba, abajo, al centro, y

pa’ dentro!

Devon: Sourdough slathered with Irish butter and fresh strawberry jam; “A toast to good friends who know you well and love you just the same.”

What inspires your theme for an event?

We usually start with one thing, such as the invitation, and evolve the party around that. From there, we find a lot of inspiration from the natural elements found in our coastal environment, as well as things with personal resonance to us and what will resonate with the client.

What is your favorite makeup look of the moment?

Fela: I’m all about a full, sculpted brow right now. Filling in my brows is a must when doing my makeup, along with a good bronzer/highlighter combo!

Devon: Recently, I love a subtle contour on the cheekbones with a pretty pink blush. I also am a big fan of filling in my eyebrows every day without fail!

What makes you the ideal business partners?

We have very similar personalities, which is what makes it so much fun to work together because we want to be around each other! However, we can also appreciate the ways we are different too. Fela is a night owl and Devon is a morning person, but it’s actually great because we can balance each other out. When we both identified our shared obsession over tiny details, we knew we had something special… And then there was that time after spending 24 straight hours planning a party together, and not wanting to kill each other, we knew we were a good match!

How would you describe your fashion style?

Fela: I stay more on the boho chic side of the style spectrum. As I always say, “I’m a clean hippie.” Give me a pair of soft bell bottoms, a flowy top, wedges, and a flower crown any day.

Devon: I have some great romantic floral and vintage-inspired pieces in my closet that I love, but I identify most with preppy, classic American style. If I had an unlimited budget, I’d dress like a mannequin from the Ralph Lauren store…better yet, a mannequin from Ralph Lauren who took a wrong turn and ended up at Anthropolgie for a few accessories.