Shabby Chic 40th

Happy Monday Everyone! We are jumping straight into this week with an extra pep-in-our-step after working a 40th Birthday on Saturday that left us seeing the world through ROSE colored glasses. Seriously, how pretty-in-pink is this party?!

Our sweet client wished for a party in a 100 year old cottage on Mission Bay, that would be a SEA of pink and peach tones, bohemian accents, beach-themed decor pieces, feminine florals, and a little bit of vintage lace. Very “Shabby Chic.”

We used 3 colors of pink-toned linens that would create an ombre effect in the space, and then filled the guest tables with an array of sea coral, driftwood, two types of Reindeer Moss, loads of mercury glass in silver, yellow gold, and rose gold for our vases and votives, rose gold geo shapes, sea glass, pink seashells, and mini blue vases for a pop of turquoise. We alternated between two types of lace table runners (round and vertical) to bring an element of charm but also the vintage style the client was looking for. Each table was styled slightly different from the other, which made the room feel very personal and at-home.

Our go-to baker that you’ve seen on here many times, created a total masterpiece, straight out of the sea. A beautiful two tier cake with paint brush stroke icing details, a turquoise drip as well as a giant turquoise sheet  of “rock sugar” as a topper, and handmade buttercream seashells adorned throughout.

For food, we selected Cucina Caprese, who specialize in wood fired pizzas made on-site in their mobile wood fire oven. THEY ARE AMAZING! With the addition of fresh, classic Italian appetizers such as bruschetta, Caprese, and prosciutto and burrata, the guests were treated to a feast that was casual yet refined—perfect party food for an event that will transition from late afternoon into late evening! The bartender was on-hand all night  (set up right in front of the gorgeous bay view) to whip up custom cocktails, including a few traditional German recipes to honor the clients heritage. The DJ, who also happpens to be a dear friend (he’s the BEST in San Diego, hire him!) played tunes all night long for the birthday girl, her friends, and family. All-in-all, it was a BEAUTIFUL party for a kind and special woman who makes 40 look amazing!





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