The Dreamiest Baby “Sprinkle”

Earlier this year, we were approached by the fabulous blogger duo Shawna and Katy from Peace Love Style  (Pause continuing reading this, and make sure you’ve clicked over to their beautiful and inspiring website and follow them!). They are also active on Instagram, here, here, and here. It all began when a sweet friend Emily, who also happens to be the creative talent behind Coastal Native Studio (follow her, here), connected us to the ladies of Peace Love Style and requested that we come up with a bohemian, girly, and original concept for Shawna’s Baby Sprinkle.  They also were looking for a way to incorporate some of their favorite “girl power” inspirational quotes, all while keeping to their desired boho chic theme.

We decided to begin with our table centerpiece, for which we used our beloved grapewood branch styled with white floral buds and Reindeer Moss. Tip: Our bright green Reindeer Moss makes such a statement and brings an instant brightening, whimsical flair to any flower arrangement in any season! We paired rose gold geometric abstract shapes with more moss, soft florals, and eucalyptus along our favorite ivory macrame table runner with gold flecks. Tip: geo shapes, in metallic neutral colors can be transformed to the perfect vessel for florals, tea lights, etc. and can always serve a unique purpose for any party theme. To keep the pattern of mixed metals and metallics, we used our yellow gold and rose gold mercury glass mason jars as vases for the MOST beautiful floral arrangements to display on our table. We were obsessed with how these turned out, and Emily (Coastal Native Studio) worked with Wholesale Flowers on this project and Oh My Goodness did they nail it! Emily also provided handmade shower favors, which were mini potted succulents. We decided to add our duo of faux succulents in slate pots to the table as well, to tie-in some additional succulent details.

For the task of using some inspirational, “girl power” quotes, we custom printed 4 quotes, some with artwork, and some left simple, and framed them in 8×10 frames to display on the desert table and on the prize table. We thought that they artwork and designs we implemented into the quote prints, and the frames, gave a great aesthetic that paralleled  our theme, and also told a beautiful story about the strength of Shawna’s pregnancy journey. 

A custom, handmade floral and leafy garland was designed to frame the front of the desert table and keep on our neutral, soft floral theme.  Tip: these DIY garlands can be sourced with branches and greenery you may just have right in front (or back) of your own home, are easy , and are a great way to mask an otherwise basic plain table, transforming it into something special and standout! An arrangement of various cake stands and lots of mini bundt cakes and one stunning red velvet, flower-topped bundt cake (from Nothing Bundt Cakes) made for the perfect sweets table display.

We have the art of putting together the perfect subtle yet stunning baby shower down pat, don’t you think?

Thank you to all our vendors!


Shawna_Baby_Sprinkle03 copyShawna_Baby_Sprinkle05 copyShawna_Baby_Sprinkle01 copyShawna_Baby_Sprinkle02 copyShawna_Baby_Sprinkle06 copyShawna_Baby_Sprinkle07 copyShawna_Baby_Sprinkle09 copyShawna_Baby_Sprinkle10 copyShawna_Baby_Sprinkle11 copyShawna_Baby_Sprinkle12 copyShawna_Baby_Sprinkle13 copyShawna_Baby_Sprinkle15 copyShawna_Baby_Sprinkle16 copyShawna_Baby_Sprinkle17 copyShawna_Baby_Sprinkle18 copyShawna_Baby_Sprinkle19 copyShawna_Baby_Sprinkle20 copyShawna_Baby_Sprinkle21 copyShawna_Baby_Sprinkle22 copyShawna_Baby_Sprinkle08 copyShawna_Baby_Sprinkle24 copyShawna_Baby_Sprinkle25 copyShawna_Baby_Sprinkle26 copy copyShawna_Baby_Sprinkle27 copyShawna_Baby_Sprinkle28 copyShawna_Baby_Sprinkle30 copyShawna_Baby_Sprinkle31 copy

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