Vans “Off The Wall” Inspired Bar Mitzvah!

Skateboarding is definitely a favorite activity for many here in Southern California. You can find skate parks almost everywhere…and if not kids will make their own! Our client Salo is a fan of the sport so it was the perfect theme for his bar mitzvah celebration.

When it came to styling the tables we decided florals (even though we love them) didn’t belong. This party was all about giving our 13 year old client something exactly in his wheelhouse…something he could relate to and get excited about.

We wanted to paint a typical skating scene: back alley with empty crates, graffiti everywhere, even a wire basket that looked like a trash can which we filled with shredded paper and skateboard wheels! The kids were mesmerized by the skateboard decks, which were even gifted at the end of the party! We had a graphic designer custom make logos that looked like the popular skate brand, Vans,  but with our clients name and event imbedded in.

We also styled a dessert table and a Mexican treat table. The dessert table had modern acrylic risers packed high with mini donuts and then a truly amazing custom cake which fit the theme perfectly. The Mexican “junk bar” had clear glass containers filled with spicy chips, dried fruit covered in chili and some favorite Mexican candy. The labels were custom made to go with the black and white checkered design throughout the theme and we even used Vans shoe boxes to give the jars some height and dimension. And did you notice the cake on this table? It’s basically a savory cake version of all the snacks you see at this bar!

We loved hearing the ooohhhs and awwws from all the young teens there that night! We should definitely be your go to styling team for your next bar/bat mitzvah!

Salo_BarMitzvah29 copySalo_BarMitzvah26 copySalo_BarMitzvah04 copySalo_BarMitzvah05 copySalo_BarMitzvah21 copySalo_BarMitzvah10 copySalo_BarMitzvah16 copySalo_BarMitzvah09 copySalo_BarMitzvah06 copySalo_BarMitzvah13 copySalo_BarMitzvah14 copySalo_BarMitzvah15 copySalo_BarMitzvah22 copySalo_BarMitzvah08 copySalo_BarMitzvah17 copySalo_BarMitzvah19 copySalo_BarMitzvah20 copySalo_BarMitzvah12 copySalo_BarMitzvah24 copySalo_BarMitzvah25 copySalo_BarMitzvah27 copySalo_BarMitzvah28 copySalo_BarMitzvah30 copySalo_BarMitzvah31 copySalo_BarMitzvah32 copySalo_BarMitzvah02 copySalo_BarMitzvah34 copy

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