Passover in “Pueblos Magicos”

Feliz Pesach de Sayulita!

Growing up our co-founder Fela traveled a lot to Mexico, and many times “spring break” meant celebrating Passover in Puerto Vallarta. Fast forward to present day, and the girls of sparkle + toast have traveled to the area with their own families, specifically to the small surfing and artsy village of Sayulita. We are just mesmerized and in love with the colors and scenery of this little town and decided to use it as the source of inspiration this Passover.

We decided to set the scene with a colorful tablecloth, a hand-embroidered bright turquoise runner bought in Sayulita,  and everyone’s favortite souvenir from Sayulita…… pom pom tassels!!! We honestly can’t get enough of these pom poms. We want to hang them on our walls and dangling from our handbags. Colorful glassware, shells, and sea glass reminded us of sipping cocktails with our toes in the sand.

The Seder plate is the center of the dinner, so therefore the center of our table. This plate holds the symbols of the holiday. Many Seder plates are family heirlooms so having that tradition makes your Sedar even more special.

You know what would go great with this table??? Our Matzoh chilaquiles from last years blog post! They’re the perfect mix of Mexican and Jewish food culture! You can find the recipe, here.

Enjoy celebrating freedom and family this Passover!

PassoverInSayulita01 copyPassoverInSayulita02 copyPassoverInSayulita04 copyPassoverInSayulita05 copyPassoverInSayulita06 copyPassoverInSayulita07 copy



  • Tablecloth, similar here
  • Colored Tumblers, here
  • Pom Napkin Rings, here
  • Dinner Plates, here
  • Plate Chargers, here
  • Seder Plate, similar here
  • Gold Flatware, similar here
  • Pom Tassel Garlands, similar herehere, here


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