Easter in The Garden

For our Easter tablescape this year, we ventured to the Farmer’s Market and took ideas from the bountiful variety of vegetables and produce. Spring is one of our favorite seasons. Inspired by a garden filled with lush new growth after months of rain, we put together a “living tablescape” of moss, organic heirloom carrots, organic butter lettuce heads, Farm-Fresh organic eggs, and a variety of glass and ceramic milk jugs and “milk carton-inspired” bud vases. For our table setting, we placed a packet of vegetable seeds with the CUTEST mini gardening tools, as a little unexpected treat for our guests. Clean, white dinner plates were embellished with bright citron yellow-green Reindeer moss around the corners of the plate in lieu of a charger. Rustic elements such as wire baskets to hold the eggs, antique silver-plated brass flatware, and rattan balls, added to our outdoorsy/garden theme. To complete the look, beautiful vintage butterfly tumblers were chosen as glassware to add a bit of whimsy!


EasterInTheGarden01 copyEasterInTheGarden02 copyEasterInTheGarden03 copyEasterInTheGarden04 copyEasterInTheGarden05 copyEasterInTheGarden06 copyEasterInTheGarden07 copyEasterInTheGarden08 copyEasterInTheGarden09 copyEasterInTheGarden11 copyEasterInTheGarden12 copy



  • Antique-Inspired Flatware (ON SALE!), here
  • Shibori Napkins, here
  • Butterly Glasses, similar here, here, and here
  • Dinner Plates, here
  • Rattan Balls, here
  • “House” Bud Vases (that we think look like milk cartons), here
  • Moss Runner, here
  • Light Green Reindeer Moss, similar here
  • Wire baskets, here
  • Mini Gardening Tools, here

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