Intergalactic Party For The Modern Girl!

All of us girly girls love a good princess party but why not change it up and think outside the box….. like in a whole other dimension….outer space!!

This party is all about spaceships, stars and moon rocks! Of course we started it all with our Geese & Ganders paper goods! We mixed spaceship lunch plates with black starry night cake plates. Then added the white & silver star cups. The neon pink rocks make it look like our plates on sitting on the moon and are topped with bright pink geode slices. We want to sprinkle that iridescent star confetti everywhere!

We thought this party needed some fun snacks silver macarons that look like little flying saucers. All we did was buy assorted flavored macarons and sprayed with edible silver spray paint….. yes that’s a thing and and it’s awesome! Sprinkle dipped donuts and all the candy that reminded us of rocks: rock candy sticks that were also sprayed with a bit of spray paint and throwing it back to our childhood “Pop Rocks”!

Give your girl and her gal pals a party that is truly out of this world!

Xoxo sparkle + toast

Intergalactic01 copyIntergalactic02 copyIntergalactic03 copyIntergalactic08 copyIntergalactic10 copyIntergalactic15 copy

Where to Buy:

  • Intergalactic Plates, Napkins, and Cups, all here
  • Silver, Black, and Purple Sprinkle medley, here and here
  • Hot Pink Gravel (used for fish tanks/aquariums), here
  • Rock Candy Sticks and Pop Rock Candy, here
  • Metallic Silver Edible Spray Paint (used to paint the macarons–purchased at Trader Joe’s in the Frozen Aisle– and the tips of the rock candy sticks), here
  • Pink Agate Coasters, here
  • Lighting Bolt Sugar Embellishments, here
  • Gold Paper Straws, here

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