Bright Lights, Big City: A Modern Birthday

We’re thrilled to bring you another fun entertaining theme using the stylish and contemporary party supplies from Geese and Ganders! This time, we went with a monochromatic vibe. These “big city” skyline plates, with their sketched outline of downtown skyscrapers just ooze cool and beg for some type of car or vehicle centerpiece. Spray Paint To The Rescue with a yellow-to-gold ombré matchbox car runner! For added texture and a pop of something different, we added black and white crinkle paper underneath the cars. No party is complete without a sweet treat to enjoy (in this case homemmade banana muffins), and we embellished them with cute yellow glittery star candles, and repeated the glitter detail with gold straws. We loved the idea of adding some star details into the mix (with drink cups, napkins, and desert pates), to relate a day-to-nighttime city scene.

This would be such a cool party for a little one when you don’t want to go the traditional gender-specific route, or showcase a licensed character all over the party.

*not sponsored.

BrightLightsBigCity01 copyBrightLightsBigCity03 copyBrightLightsBigCity04 copyBrightLightsBigCity07 copyBrightLightsBigCity08 copyBrightLightsBigCity12 copyBrightLightsBigCity14 copy


  • Plates, napkins, drink cups, treat cups, “Hip Hip Hooray” flags, candles, and gold sparkly straws, all found here
  • Black and White striped table runner, here
  • Gold Glitter (re-usable) straws, Dollar Section and Target

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