Shake, Rattle, and Roll!

We are ready to Sock Hop at The Soda Shop with this fun and adorable party theme we put together for a kids birthday party recently. Inspired by the one-of-a-kind 1950’s family restaurant in our hometown of San Diego, Corvette Diner, (which is so over-the-top with the retro feel it’s an event just going there for the afternoon), we knew we wanted this party to have a quintessential throw-back feel: milkshakes, sassy waitresses/staff to entertain the kids, sundae’s with maraschino cherries and whip cream, and reminiscent of the “shake, rattle, and roll” era.  We love all the vintage signage, neon lights, and exuberance of the restaurant decor, so we wanted to keep the “sweets table” simple but detail-oriented. Since the kiddos all ate from their very own pint-sized diner menu (burger baskets and fries, anyone?!) we went the sugar-rush route and loaded the desert buffet with custom sugar cookies, homemade sundae cupcakes in waffle cone bowls, and the cutest custom retro-cake. Each kids took home a mini gum-ball machine (doubles as a bank) filled with popcorn.

We think we would be smitten to throw every kids party in this super cute theme!

Jacks7thBirthday02 copyJacks7thBirthday03 copyJacks7thBirthday05 copyJacks7thBirthday07 copyJacksBirthday60 copyJacks7thBirthday11 copyJacks7thBirthday12 copyJacks7thBirthday13 copyJacks7thBirthday14 copyJacks7thBirthday15 copyJacks7thBirthday17 copyJacks7thBirthday18 copyJacks7thBirthday54 copyJacksBirthday61 copyJacksBirthday62 copyJacksBirthday63 copyJacksBirthday64 copyJacksBirthday65 copy



  • Coca-Cola (vintage-inspired) wooden crate, found here
  • Custom “Sock Hop” sugar cookies, here
  • Bright turquoise and green cupcake trays, here
  • Wooden Crate with wire, similar here 
  • Mini waffle cone bowls (the sundae cupcakes were homemade), here
  • Mini red gum-ball machines, here
  • Sundae honeycomb decor, here


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