High Tea–Detox, Edition!

Everyone loves the Holiday “food train” of sweets, treats, and traditional feasts, and we’re no exception! However, come the new year, many of us don’t like the way we feel after all that glutton. Rich, heavy foods and an overload of sweets and booze has all of us wanting to push the “reset button” on our diet. There are a lot of health-oriented blog/bloggers out there,  but we wanted to put our own twist on healthy eating for the new year, like only sparkle + toast can. We are excited to share our “Detox High Tea Party” with you all today!

Rather than doing a traditional “High Tea” with your girlfriends, make it into a “Detox Tea” and treat your guests to some healthy foods that don’t skimp on the flavor. For the tea element, we went for a turmeric ginger blend because we love all the health properties found in each ingredient. Ginger helps boost your immunity which we all need in these winter months, and it also can help in digestion and pain relief. Turmeric has tons of anti-inflammatory capacity and helps your skin and even cognitive abilities. We decided to squeeze a little lemon and a drizzle of raw honey (anti-oxidant powerhouse) in to ours too.

Now on to some healthy bites for our tea party. Commonly you’ll find dainty tea sandwiches with different fillings at your high tea, but we wanted to cut the extra calories so we made open face “toasts”—but instead of bread we’re used flavorful and healthy crackers at Trader Joe’s called “whole grain crisp bread.” These consist of   several different kinds of seeds, oat & wheat bran, and a few other simple ingredients. They’re great for a little extra fiber & protein, plus they are pretty yummy too! Here’s the flavor combo’s we chose:

1. Smoked salmon, Labneh (strained thick plain yogurt) fresh dill and lemon zest. So fresh and tasty.

2. Classic humus (preferably homemade) chopped up roasted beets, cucumbers, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, and a sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds. Creamy, crunchy and full of flavor! (BONUS: THIS ONE’S VEGAN.)

We also wanted to add a nice “detox” salad to our party. A nice peppery arugula base,  mixed with heirloom carrot ribbons, and some pomegranate seeds (more anti-oxidants). Top with a little of our vinaigrette:

1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
1/4 apple cider vinegar
Juice of half a lemon
A drizzle of raw honey
1/3 extra virgin olive oil
Salt & pepper

Shake all the ingredients in a mason jar add a couple spoonfuls over the salad! Apple cider vinegar is so good for you. Among it’s many health benefits are imporved gut health and regulating blood sugar levels.


Now on the styling, because you know we love that part…. all the plates, tea cups and the tiered tray are antiques. Some of the tea cups are actually family heirlooms so they are very dear to our heart. We mixed in some of our Anthropologie and Crate and Barrel pieces to give this tablescape a clean, fresh look with a touch of classic beauty. We added some fragrant eucalyptus branches and some fresh roses, which had the most beauitful coral-red color (we loved how this color matched the smoked salmon.)

Come take a seat, sip some tea, and jumpstart your health this year!

Detox_Tea01 copyDetox_Tea04 copyDetox_Tea05 copyDetox_Tea06 copyDetox_Tea07 copyDetox_Tea08 copyDetox_Tea09 copyDetox_Tea10 copyDetox_Tea12 copyDetox_Tea13 copyDetox_Tea14 copyDetox_Tea03 copyDetox_Tea11 copy

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