Fun Kids Picnic/Lunchbox Ideas!

We recently had the opportunity to try out some functional and fun kids lunch boxes from Rainebeau.  We love the bright colored packaging, leak-proof technology,  and the emphasis on packing them full of nutritious foods and snacks. The bento-style is a smart way to ensure that your kids are getting a well-rounded meal. To top it of, Rainebeau was founded by two moms (like us!) who live by the seashore in Australia, giving us major beach vibe inspo and girl crushes. Check them out on Instagram @rainebeauco and be sure to visit their website for healthy recipe ideas!

To feature them, we came up with a vibrant and kid-friendly picnic theme. If the weather permits where you live, there is such joy to be found from an outdoor picnic with your children, and these bento lunch boxes are perfect for that! Or, this could easily be turned into a great kids party theme–and you could give away mini lunch pails away (cardboard berry crates filled with snacks or little trinkets) away as gifts to the guests. How adorable is our gingham and faux grass patch table runner?!

*not sponsored.

Rain_Beau10 copy2Rain_Beau03 copyRain_Beau13 copyRain_Beau04 copyRain_Beau05 copyRain_Beau07 copyRain_Beau08 copyRain_Beau14 copyRain_Beau15 copy


  • Rainebeau bento lunch boxes, here
  • bright-colored silverware, here
  • gingham picnic blanket, here
  • faux grass with flowers, here
  • little picnic baskets, here

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