Earthy + Elegant Hanukkah

We’re pretty sure that a lot of our Jewish readers can agree that when it comes to Hanukkah decor, well, there just isn’t anything out there and what you do find is kind of tacky. Jewish holidays aren’t commercialized like Christian ones,  but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your Hanukkah party table classy and unique while still keeping some of the symbols of the festival!

We wanted one of our main projects to be our custom Hanukkah menorah! You can find beautiful artisan menorahs, (many times they are heirlooms passed down from one generation to another) but we decided we would make our own and you can too! We wanted to give this table an organic, “from-the-Earth” feel , so we bought a grapevine branch at our local wholesale flower store, and drilled hole slots for the candles. It sits perfectly on our crochet runner and the glow of the candles light up the whole table. On each place-setting we made individual Star of David’s out of Myrtle leaf branches, which gave our tabletop freshness, and branches also brought out the green color of our glassware. We decided to incorporate classic gold accents in the flatware, in our mercury glass votives, and with the Hanukkah gelt on the dreidel board!

Sit down, have some latkes, sip on some bubbly, and play some dreidel! Happy Hanukkah from the girls at sparkle + toast!

EarthyHannukkah18 copyEarthyHannukkah02 copyEarthyHannukkah04 copyEarthyHannukkah06 copyEarthyHannukkah07 copyEarthyHannukkah08 copyEarthyHannukkah09 copyEarthyHannukkah10 copyEarthyHannukkah11 copyEarthyHannukkah12 copyEarthyHannukkah13 copyEarthyHannukkah14 copyEarthyHannukkah19 copy




  • Cheese Board, here
  • Shibori Napkins, here
  • Fleur de Lys tumbler/water cups, here
  • Champagne Flutes, similar found here
  • Handwoven Macrame Runner, here
  • Cake Stand, similar found here
  • Gold Mercury Glass Votives, similar found here
  • Gold Flatware, similar found here
  • Wicker Chargers, found here
  • White Dinner Plates, found here
  • Grapevine, similar found here

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