How to Style Your Cheese Board!

A good cheese and charcuterie board is worth its weight in gold, in our opinion. It’s an all-in-one feast on a platter for your guests that everyone, no matter their diet preferences, can find something scrumptious to enjoy. Plus, no oven or stovetop is required! With all the slaving away in the kitchen this holiday season, the last thing the host/hostess should worry about is a full menu of appetizers and snacks for the pre-meal.

Today, we’re going in for extra credit to boost your cheese board skills up to an A++ by showing you how to style it using beautiful garnishes we found at the amazing Specialty Produce here in San Diego. Throw all of these (or a medley of your choice) delicious foods together on this affordable acacia serving tray from Target, and then follow these easy steps on how to style it to make it truly spectacular.

  1. Garnish with unique fruits that are nature’s jewels, such as pomegranates (sliced in half to reveal the little ruby-esque seeds), blood oranges (again, slice them in wedges to show their color), little crab apples, and persimmons.
  2. Make the trip to Specialty Produce (if local to San Diego) or visit the farmers market in your area, to round-up pretty edible flowers, dried flowers, fruit branches, stems, and hard-to-find specialty items such as “Hidden Rose” apples (can you spot them in our pics?) that literally have bright pink flesh. We coordinated everything in deep autumnal hues, to make that extra special impact.
  3.  Invest in a set (or sets) of unique serving vessels that can fit on your serving platter, so that you can not only fit more on the platter but create an elevation for your items that make it easier to serve. Shop our favorite picks for these items, at the end of the post!



CheeseBoard04 copyCheeseBoard15 copyCheeseBoard01 copyCheeseBoard03 copyCheeseBoard08 copyCheeseBoard10 copyCheeseBoard11 copyCheeseBoard17 copyCheeseBoard20 copy



  • Our favorite high-end serving platters and mini serving vessels, here
  • Our favorite affordable serving platters and mini serving vessels, here and here
  • Honeycomb stick/dipper, found here
  • We find a lot of our cheese knives (sets) on sale at Anthropologie and liking these, these, and these at the moment.
  • Speaking of Athropologie…check out these cheese boards. Are you drooling?

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