Pastel Pumpkins

Who wouldn’t want to take a seat at our dreamy pastel-inspired Fall table?!

Let’s switch directions from all the dark and gothic themes that typically come with Halloween. We hand-painted pink and lavender pumpkins, and then arranged in an ombré pattern to create the perfect pastel “runner.” Then, we added copper and rose gold geometric decor and candles that matched the stems of our pumpkins. Brown crate paper underneath doubled as the perfect place to handwrite the names of our guests. We finished it all off with white plates, gold flatware, and lavender glazed Moroccan glasses.

Tell us what would you serve at this pretty set-up? A nice early dinner before you take the kiddos out trick or treating? We’re thinking an afternoon of apple cider and macarons might go pretty well too…

Pastel_Pumpkins02 copyaPastel_Pumpkins03 copyaPastel_Pumpkins04 copyaPastel_Pumpkins07 copyaPastel_Pumpkins09 copyPastel_Pumpkins17 copya

Pastel_Pumpkins18 copyaPastel_Pumpkins19 copya



  • Gold flatware, here
  • White dinner plates, here
  • Lavender drink glasses, here
  • Copper geometric decor shapes, here
  • Candles with copper lids  (our favorite), here


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