A Date With The Headless Horseman

Ichabod Crane, it looks like you didn’t make the “cut” to the headless horseman dinner party….(well, I suppose you do have 4 other victims…I mean guests…to enjoy the evening with instead!)

To start off our Halloween party theme(s) this year, we decided to tap into an eerie (and rather obscure) fable that dates back to the 1800s. Whether you’ve read the original story, or watched the contemporary versions of the legend as told in the Disney cartoon or Tim Burton’s live action adaptation with Johnny Depp, the tale of the “The Headless Horseman” who claimed his victims heads is the perfect haunting theme to inspire our tablescape this October.

Our dinner table is covered with layered gothic accents that include black and burgundy branches, candles that drip “blood” red, and evil crows. We added velvet pumpkins in deep colors, a few creepy wire pumpkins to add to the mood, and finally a hand-carved pumpkin that mimics the same one the Headless Horseman carries with him while he rides. EEEEK!

For place-settings, we used our black skull mugs and silver-plated brass antique flatware. Our guests found a sweet but terrifying treat on their plate when they took their seats: a homemade bloody red cake in a cauldron “treat cup” with an edible axe on top,  similar to what the Headless Horseman would use to collect his heads. To tie the whole theme together, the main character himself makes an appearance on our plates as place-cards!

Impress (and scare) your guests with this dark, bone-chilling, yet still elegant party!

Headless_Horseman15 copyHeadless_Horseman22 copyHeadless_Horseman01 copyHeadless_Horseman02 copyHeadless_Horseman03 copyHeadless_Horseman07 copyHeadless_Horseman08 copyHeadless_Horseman16 copyHeadless_Horseman11 copyHeadless_Horseman09 copyHeadless_Horseman12 copyHeadless_Horseman19 copyHeadless_Horseman20 copy



  • Wreath, branches, and stems found at Michael’s in the Halloween dept. or online, here
  • Velvet Pumpkins, here (affordable) and here (higher-end)
  • Skull Mugs, here
  • Antique, silver plated brass flatware, found here
  • Black Crows, here
  • Edible Sugar Axes, here
  • Oven-safe cauldron molds/treat cups found at Michael’s craft store
  • Red-Dripping Black Candlesticks, here
  • Velvet Candle Holders, here
  • White Dinner Plates, here

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