Unicorn Vibes!

Do YOU believe in unicorns? Well we are not even close to being over the unicorn mania! Can you blame us though? It’s any “girly-girl” and party lovers dream: Rainbows, hot pink, glitter, make-believe, and everything that sparkles. Recently, we threw a “Unicorn Vibes” party for a 4th birthday, and made a little girls dreams come true!

This theme was a fun excuse to get crafty, and homemade/DIY elements really impress your guests, and add that personal and unique touch. We made unicorn mason jars and stand-up custom letters, which can double as bedroom or playroom decor post-party!

We decided to mix pastels with gold and hologram accents. The sequin table cloth and “unicorn vibes” banner gave this party a festive touch. Pro tip: If you can’t find a table cloth you like, we recommend going to your local fabric store instead where there are so many amazing choices. Oh, and how perfect is the hologram rainbow cake server?!?! It’s all in the details…

For sweet party treats, we found the amazing Cakes by Luna, who custom made a unicorn cake of our dreams! In addition, the cutest unicorn cookies made by Busybeebyj! were a big hit and used as parting gifts for the kids.

We hope you have a magical weekend! 🦄

Unicorn_Vibes03 copyDSC_9221Unicorn_Vibes04 copyUnicorn_Vibes05 copyUnicorn_Vibes08 copyUnicorn_Vibes10 copyUnicorn_Vibes11 copyUnicorn_Vibes12 copyUnicorn_Vibes13 copyUnicorn_Vibes15 copyUnicorn_Vibes16 copyUnicorn_Vibes17 copy



  • Striped Party Plates, found here
  • Hologram Party Plates, found here
  • Silver Glitter Party Plates, found here
  • Iridescent Cake Server, found here
  • “Unicorn Vibes” banner, found here
  • Confetti, found here
  • Multi-Colored Cake Stands, similar found here
  • Sequin Fabric, found here
  • Unicorn Cookies, found here

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