Apples + Honey for Rosh Hashanah

On the eve of September 20th, Jewish people all over the world will celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year! Dinners are held to celebrate the new year with friends & family and to wish everyone a “sweet new year”. The tradition is to dip an apple slice in some honey which represents the sweetness everyone wants for the year ahead.
We decided to really play up this tradition in our tablescape. Wooden baskets filled with  apples that look like they were just picked from the orchards, glass beehive jars filled with honey, and even some honey spoons to stir in a little sweetness to any beverage. The moss runner made it feel like this was an elegant picnic in the woods. We also have our favorite honey bears visiting our dinner, and they would make the perfect place cards for guests (and a sweet treat for them to take home!) We used vintage heirloom china to represent the importance of  family during this holiday, and everyday!
Even if you aren’t Jewish and preparing to honor this tradition, you can take inspiration from our tablescape and apply it to a “Fall Harvest Dinner” or a “Teddy Bear Picnic Party.” The bold colors are perfect for this transitional month of September.
L’Shana Tova to all of our friends celebrating!!!

Apples+Honey02 copyApples+Honey09 copy

Apples+Honey05 copyApples+Honey12 copyApples+Honey14 copyApples+Honey15 copy

Apples+Honey06 copy

Apples+Honey19 copyApples+Honey21 copy


  • Beehive Glass Jars, found here
  • Gold Flatware, similar found here
  • Rattan Chargers, found here
  • Wooden Bushel Baskets, found here
  • Moss Runner, found here
  • Honey Spoons, found here

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