Matcha-Made-In-Heaven Waffle Party

It’s National Waffle Day, Hooray! We rounded up some of our favorite colorful party ware and made bright green waffles to match our tablescape; “Matcha Belgian Waffles with Cocoa Nibs & Candied Orange Slices”, to be exact 😉 We kept the waffles simple with very little sugar added, and then kicked up the sweetness with the candied orange slices and maple syrup. The cocoa nibs added a little crunch and fun pop of texture, as well as added health benefits.

This bright and happy polka dot & plaid party set-up can easily be implemented into all sorts of celebratory themes of your choice (although we were inspired by what would make our kids squeal with glee). The retro glass milk jugs with red swizzle straws are just so perfect for a children’s breakfast fête. Going with the polka dot/circle recurring theme, we love our festive rainbow felt garland—probably one of our most versatile party props; it can be used for anything from birthdays to Holiday parties. Great items to have on hand are the pint berry baskets. They are cheap, can be ordered easily off of Amazon, can be used for party favor boxes as well as tablescape decor, and add such a nice personal touch.

Tell us: What waffle recipe or flavor would you want to make for your very own waffle party?! Comment down below…

Waffles10 copyWaffles05 copyWaffles12 copyWaffles16 copyWaffles19 copyWaffles23 copyWaffles16 copyWaffles14 copy



  • blue and green cupcake trays, used as milk bottle serving trays, found here.
  • plaid dish towel set, found here.
  • color-cut cake stand(s) found here.
  • pom pom rainbow garland, similar found here.
  • glass milk bottles with straws, similar found here.
  • rainbow serving tray, similar found here.
  • metallic green plate charger, similar found here.
  • gold flatware, similar found here.

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