The Streets Of Sayulita, Mexico!


When you arrive in Sayulita (once a small fishing village that’s now been transformed into a bohemian fantasy), you are instantly captivated by the pastel colored buildings and charming scenes all around you. Let’s just say, it’s easy to understand why the Mexican board of tourism calls it “Pueblo Mágico”…because it truly is magical!

Punta Mita Blog3
Papel Picado garlands above pastel colored buildings…this is Sayulita.

Walking down whimsical cobblestone roads, you look up and see garland after garland of papel picado (paper cut into elaborate designs). The roads lead you to a beautiful beach along the Pacific, where you will see local surfers fighting for the perfect wave, and fresh coconuts being offered up as a refreshing snack.

One of our favorite things we saw in Sayulita were the strands and strands of brightly colored and eye catching “pom poms” hanging everywhere in the town. They can used as bag or purse charms or as home decor. The hardest thing was deciding which colors/styles to buy! We dare you to try and just buy one! We were this close to swooping up an entire pallet. These pom poms are part of the Huichol Indian adornment. You will find a lot of other Huichol works of art throughout the town. Aren’t they just the cutest, most fun little things?!

Punta Mita Blog01Punta Mita Blog4

Punta Mita Blog2
Pom Pom Heaven!
For food and drink options, we highly recommend La Rustica. We had Hibiscus margaritas and shrimp & octopus ceviche, both were fabulous and much needed as mid-day fuel on a scorching day. La Rustica’s  pizzas and pastas are also phenomenal, so if you’re looking for that, stay for dinner!
Scenes from our pit-stop snack La Rustica…that Hibiscus Margarita though…
You can’t come to Mexico without having authentic Paletas (popsicles made with either dairy or just fruits). We went to Wakika Helderia Sayulita. Their paletas are soooo fresh and tasty! We went for fresh fruit pops, one filled with fresh chunks of strawberry, kiwi and banana, and the other was a mix of mango and a concoction of chile & chamoy. We had to slurp them up so fast because they did not stand a chance against the Sayulita sun—we wish someone was there to capture that moment on camera, ha!While we enjoyed our paletas, we watched a local artist decorate these fantastic cow skulls at a gallery next door called Evoke the Spirit. The artisan was demonstrating a Wixarika Indian technique that uses yarn, beeswax, and paint to create intricate designs on cow skulls. Thank goodness they have a website so we don’t feel buyers remorse for not taking one of those home with us. Do take the time to check them out, it’ll be worth your while!

Punta Mita Blog5Punta Mita Blog4
Punta Mita Blog6
We spent the remainder of our time in Sayulita discovering the enchantment of colors and artwork behind every little corner, and of course checking out all the shopping…which is the perfect thought to leave you with until our next blog post, where we’ll recap our outfits and favorite places to shop for one-of-a-kind treasures. Stay Tuned!

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