Easter Egg Decorating Inspriation!

The deadline for decorating your Easter eggs is only two days away, so hop to it! If you are called to be creative this year and need some last-minute inspiration for how to personalize eggs for your kids, we’ve got you covered. We came up with two themes that…!shocker!…you won’t find anywhere on Pinterest 😉 We drew from what our kids (and families) are interested in right now: Baseball and Hologram/Iridescent patterns. It will be so fun to set-up these homemade eggs with little treats left by the Easter Bunny on Sunday morning!



How to: Baseball + Hot Dog Themed Easter Eggs

You’ll need:

  • brown and white fresh eggs (hardboiled or you can find plastic eggs too)
  • fine tip Sharpie pens in red and black
  • yellow puffy paint
  • fine tip white marker, paint pen, or chalk pen
  • green crinkled paper (we trimmed little strips of miniature muffin wrapper paper cups)
  • glue stick

For the “hot dog” eggs, we drew a long oval down the center of a brown egg with the red Sharpie, and filled it in. Next, we drew a squiggly line down the center of the red oval for the mustard. Using a glue stick, we stuck on a little strip of the green crinkled paper for the relish, and finally finished the hot dog by dotting on white chalk pen marks, for sesame seeds. Because the egg is brown, it will look like the “bun.”

For the “baseball” eggs, we drew two outer curved lines in a black Sharpie and then using the red Sharpie, we added little stitches. We just followed the same pattern that appears on an actual baseball.

We just had a ball with this project…pun intended! We went all out and added red plastic “fast food baskets” with checker paper, faux green grass, shelled peanuts, and Cracker Jacks.


Moving onto the complete other side of the spectrum, we are loving the iridescent/hologram/high-shine/duo-chrome trend that’s taking over. For our second DIY, we are showing you our easy decoupage technique for making glittery, shiny, pink iridescent easter eggs! We know a lot of little girls who would be tickled pink to see these little beauties on Easter morning…

How To: Pink Iridescent Themed Easter Eggs

You’ll need:

  • fresh eggs or plastic, which might be easier to glue the paper onto 😉
  • scrap paper in a pink iridescent pattern/color. We found ours here
  • Modge Podge (Matte or glossy finish)
  • Foam tipped brushes
  • pink iridescent glitter (optional)

We started by tearing up very small pieces of the pink paper. Next, we glued them to the egg using a small foam-tipped brush and Modge Podge. Because the Modge Podge dries completely clear, you can really smear it on and not worry about sloppiness or being too careful. After the first layer of the scraps were adhered, we went in with additional layers to achieve a textured look. We sprinkled pink iridescent glitter in any sparse spots. We completed with a final generous coat of the Modge Podge and allowed to dry.

Happy Easter Everyone!



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