Passover Table Decor + Recipes!

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This week on the blog, we are sharing our personal family traditions for Passover (celebrated by sparkle + toast co-founder, Fela) and Easter (celebrated by sparkle + toast co-founder, Devon). Passover is a holiday that remembers Jewish people being enslaved in Egypt in order to build the pyramids. Jews celebrate their Exodus and journey to their homeland, known in present day as Israel.

Springtime is represented throughout Passover, so Fela wanted to express that with her  Sedar table decor. She created a table runner made from lots of eucalyptus and Blue Thistle, which was also used in the individual floral bouquets to add texture and a hint of color. For tableware accents, Mother of Pearl, gold, and rose gold complimented the  neutral theme.


“Matzoh Chilaquiles”
This recipe mixes the two cultures of Fela’s heritage. Matzoh is a cracker that is made to represent what the Jewish people made in their haste to leave Egypt. The dough for their bread didn’t have time to rise, so instead it was cooked by the sun on their travel. For the week of the Passover Jewish people do not eat any products that have leaven. Fela decided to replace traditional corn tortillas used in chilaquiles with broken up pieces of Matzoh. When it comes to Mexican food one important thing you need to perfect is the sauce or salsa, and the homemade Salsa Roja in this recipe is a family favorite. This dish gives you a little bit of everything: crunch from the matzoh, spice from the sauce, sourness from the pickled red onions, freshness from the cilantro and creaminess from the egg & queso fresco.

matza-chilaquiles03 copymatza-chilaquiles08 copy

Salsa Roja (red sauce)

-4 dried chilies: we used 2 California & 2 Guajiro
-3 Roma tomatoes
-2 cloves of garlic
-half a white onion cut into quarters
-salt to taste
-a little water for blending

1. Heat some oil in a pan
2. Add the chiles, onion & garlic
3. Toast/brown until chiles are fragrant and onion & garlic are lightly browned
4. At the same time slice tomatoes in half lengthwise and place cut side down on a baking sheet.
5. Roast at 350 degrees until soft then turn on the broiler and broil until skin is dark and bubbly
6. Once cooled remove the skin
7. All all these ingredients to a blender and add water if needed

For the “Matzoh tortilla pieces”
1. Break matzoh into bit size pieces
2. Heat oil in a pan and fry. (You can also deep fry if you wish)

How to assemble:

1. Heat up your Salsa Roja in a pan and add the fried Matzoh pieces (begin with a layer of the plain fried Matzoh before you add the pieces soaked in the sauce)
2. Add to a plate and top with a fried egg
3. Don’t forget the garnishes! We recommend cilantro, Queso Fresco, and pickled red onions.


“Matzoh Fruit Pizza”

Passover snacks for kids can be a challenge, so the goal here was to come up with something simple but delicious that kids will love, but also something creative and fun! These fruit pizzas are insanely good, and individual works of art 😉

matza-fruit-pizza06 copymatza-fruit-pizza10 copy

What you’ll need:
-cream cheese
– fresh and seasonal fruit of choice (we used berries, kiwi & mango)

1. Spread on a layer of cream cheese
2. Add the fruit as your “pizza” toppings

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post! We will be revealing Easter egg decorating ideas that are inspired by our kids…


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