We Love You So MATCHA!

Holy_Matcha_25_edited-1Holy_Matcha_08 copyHoly_Matcha_13_edited-1Holy_Matcha_24_edited-1Holy_Matcha_06Holy_Matcha_19_edited-1Holy_Matcha_14_edited-1Holy_Matcha_10Holy_Matcha_21_edited-1Holy_Matcha_09Holy_Matcha_11

Three words in script are lit up in neon pink lights when you walk into what we would call Instagram Central (aka the newest hot spot/tea room in central San Diego): “you, me, matcha” Well…we took a look at some of the press photos online of Holy Matcha and said to each other: “you, me, matcha-made-in-heaven!”

The use of the small space inside is perfectly executed. Knowing how popular (and powerful) social media marketing can be, we felt the proprietors of this establishment were smart to design a space that just begs for a photo shoot…not a single customer passed on the opportunity to take an artsy picture of their latte. We swooned over the faded palm wallpaper, retro plush pale pink sofas, white marble, and little nooks designed for photo-ops galore. Holy Matcha has only been open for about a week but is already swarming with bloggers (we were definitely not alone in snapping picture after picture, lol). 

The menu is simple but elegant. We each tried a Matcha Latte and enjoyed the subtle and slightly sweet flavor. They also offer small bites such as avocado toast, chia seed bowls, and a few scrumptious pastries. We split a matcha donut, which was incredible. The tea selection outside of the matcha drinks looked very good, and the matcha lemonade seemed super refreshing. The little details added to the garnishes of the dishes are whimsical and cute too (the words “HOLY” or “MATCHA” are stamped with Matcha powder into the lattes). 

Add this to your list of sweet spots to hit up with your girlfriends! 

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