Cookies and Cocktails


What could be better for Valentines Day then some sweet treats and a refreshing cocktail?! These are the perfect choice to make for your true love, a group of gal pals, neighbors, or for your kids! You’ll be the hit at the office, bake sale, or dinner party with this batch of cookies!

“Sweetheart Sugar Cookies”

Remember when we made those sugar cookies for our Xmas cookie bake? Well we decided to use the recipe again for our special Valentine cookies! Our perfectly-shaped heart cookies, our favorite homemade royal icing, and the super fun Fancy Sprinkles will make your Valentine swoon. The best sugar cookie recipe, here.

*Royal icing recipe: Combine 2 cups of powdered sugar with 2 tablespoons of light corn syrup (we know, we know. corn syrup. trust us though, it’s essential for perfect royal icing every time), 1 teaspoon of almond extract. Mix well until the icing is smooth and thin, but not runny. Add a little water if overly thick, and add a little more powdered sugar is too thin.

“Citrus Berry Crush”

This fresh and fruity concoction was inspired by what we found at the farmers market. We can’t get enough of fresh berries & the varieties of citrus, and little hands and fingers were eager to pick up the extras we left behind in the sparkle + toast test kitchen. One more perk of the job 😉

How to make it:

2-3 slices of a Cara Cara orange
2-3 slices of a Blood orange
4-5 raspberries
1 oz vodka
1 can of passion fruit La Croix soda

1.Add the oranges and raspberries to a mason jar or glass of choice
2. Muddle together well
3. Add vodka & stir
4. Add ice
5. Top with La Croix and stir

Enjoy! 🍊❤

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