Love Is In The Air



With all the rain we’ve had in San Diego this past month, we’ve been wanting to take advantage of all the new growth and greenery in our canyons and trails. Our kids are curious little explorers. We knew that our chances of successfully staging a *somewhat natural* and fun Valentine’s Day card photoshoot were better if we didn’t confine them to a small space! When it came time to plot a theme, we wanted something that was kid-appropriate, true to our taste and aesthetic, inspired by the outdoors, and not overly cute or saturated on Pinterest. We came up with “Follow The Path to My Heart.” Once we found the setting for our “path” backdrop, we decided to dress the kids in dusty blue, grey, and black, and used pink and red mylar heart balloons as our statement pops of color. The heart balloons also acted as the purpose of our message in the card.

*PRO TIP: If passing out Valentine’s cards to classmates, friends, or family, you could switch up the wording to “Follow The Trail to My Heart”, and include homemade trail mix as a treat 😉

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