We Baked 400 Christmas Cookies!


It’s not too late to experience one of life’s simple yet worthwhile pleasures: homemade Christmas cookies! This time of year baking is cranked up a notch–or in our case, 100 notches 😉 Our number one tip is (per usual) to add little details that seem small but pack a serious punch. Specifically, we are talking about the almond extract we added to our homemade “royal icing” and fresh peppermint crumbles to use as cookie toppings. We also added a bit of almond extract to our “candy cane sugar cookies”, and wow. If you’ve never experienced the rich and sweet flavor of almond extract in sugar cookies/icing, you need to. Our Cookie Day was a fun time to be shared with the children of the girls behind sparkle + toast, and yes, we really did bake 400 cookies. Boxed up nice and pretty, homemade treats make a thoughtful and generous gift. We can’t think of anything more special than a gift that was made from scratch with lots of love…and butter 😉


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