Disneyland From an Event Stylists Diary


We have gone to Disneyland numerous times with our children, and although we love seeing the Disney magic through their eyes, this time we decided to make it a no-kids day! See ya, double stroller! Catch ya later, meltdown-in-line-at-Dumbo! Sayonara, toy aisle of doom!

We have to say, with our newfound freedom and pace, we got a completely different perspective. The sparkle + toast girls are all about details, details, and more details. Did we mention we love details? Disneyland during the holidays does not disappoint in that area. We couldn’t stop thinking about how long it took the employees to fill and assemble each garland, wreath, and light strand…don’t even get us started with the massive Christmas tree at the entrance on the park….breathtaking! Pretty much every square inch of the park is dripping in festive holiday decor, and what makes it truly special is that the decor is styled to coordinate with the theme of each unique part of the park.

One thing that we were lucky to experience was watching the making (and actually getting to purchase) one of the famous candy canes that are only sold during the holidays. Lets just say that fresh, real peppermint tastes completely different from the mass-produced variety we are all use to. Disneyland has schedules letting you know the dates the candy canes will be made. It’s up to you to get in line as soon as you get to the park and make sure you get one of the mere 40-45 wristbands that are handed out. We walked through the park gates right as they opened, and marched straight to the line at the Candy Palace. Our wristband gave us a timeframe to come back to watch our candy canes being made before we purchased them! So fun.

Besides candy, here is a list of some of our favorite treats to sample at Disneyland ( some only available during the holidays)

Peppermint Mickey Beignets
Dole Whip Float
Mickey soft pretzel (where else can you get a pretzel shaped like the famous mouse)
Corn Dog from the Little Red Wagon (at the end of Main street)
Caramel Mickey apples (almost too pretty to eat….almost)
A meal at the Blue Bayou, where it’s always nighttime 🙂

As magical as the holidays at Disneyland are during the day, the nighttime spectacle will take your breath away. The Christmas light installation on Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and Small World are like.none.other. They have us thinking “what in the world is the electricity bill for that?!” The evening firework show above the castle that is perfectly in tune with holiday music is not to be missed, and will have you hanging on every explosion of sparkle. Just when you think you’re ready to call it a perfect day/night, snow starts cascading down from the chimneys on Main Street for the finale of the firework show. All our worries melted away and were replaced with eyes as wide as the first time we believed magic was real. Well-played Disneyland, well-played.

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