3 Easy Fall/Halloween DIY’s

What you’ll need: A “Grapevine Wreath” and faux flowers (optional: wire cutters).

For this pretty Autumnal wreath, we left half of the wreath exposed and tucked the faux flowers into the other side. The easiest way to assemble the flowers is to just pop off the tops from the stems, (most faux flowers will detach very simply from the stems and don’t require scissors) and tuck them how you want into the grooves of the wreath. Another method is to use wire cutters and trim the faux flowers at the stem, leaving about 3-4 inches left, and use the stem to twist into the wreath for a more secure latch.

What you’ll need: Two round non-stick cake pans, Apple Rice Krispy recipe, here, Spice Cake recipe (use either a boxed mix or homemade–our favorite recipe is found here),  caramel sauce!, and apples for the cake topper.

This cake has it all–a little spice, crunchy Rice Krispies, and gooey, delicious caramel! It’s perfect for a fall dessert.

1. Bake the spice cake according to the recipe in two round cake pans, and then level the tops of each layer when the cake is done baking and completely cooled. Leveling the top will help you stack the layers evenly.

2. Wash and rinse the two cake pans, and use them to make the Rice Krispy layers for the cake. Make sure you line the bottoms of the cake pans with wax paper first!

3. Assemble the layers of the cake.

4. Make the caramel sauce. Caramel dries/hardens quickly so you have to work fast! We found that pouring the sauce along the edge first gave us a nice dripped effect, and then we filled the top of the cake with the remaining sauce.

5. Add two apples on the top of the cake for the finishing touch! You can use decorative caramel apple treat sticks (these sell out like crazy online so we recommend checking at your local craft store), or you can just use regular skewers or lollipop sticks. We found that using a serrated knife worked best to cut into this cake before serving. Enjoy!

What you’ll need: Acrylic paint, plastic squeeze bottles, and mini pumpkins.

For this DIY, you just need to add the paint to the squeeze bottle and slowly squeeze the bottle down the grooves of the pumpkin, starting at the top. Because different paint colors and finishes can sometimes have different consistencies, you want to make sure you do this very slow and steady at first (i.e. the metallic silver paint was super runny, so we had to be more careful). We like the look of the drips being varied lengths. Don’t forget to fill the base around the stem of the pumpkin with paint.


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