Halloween Dinner Party Tabletop


October 31st is a favorite day over here at the Sparkle + Toast HQ. Continuing our Halloween decor/party blog series, we wanted to share our tabletop decor for hosting a dinner party for friends. Since Halloween isn’t just for kids, we decided to embrace a “Gothic Glam” style this year. We channeled our inner Tim Burton and had such a ball pulling this look together.

We chose simple and not too garish decorations to be on the tabletop (chic white pumpkin luminaries and mercury-glass skulls, both seen on our entryway post last week) because we wanted the main focus to be on the bold and graphic black, white, and silver design elements. If we were to bring too much literal interpretation to the props and decor on the table, the theme would get lost. Varying shades of orange was used throughout; we even found apples in a beautiful creamy red, coral shade.

Since every good party needs some pretty details, we chose a few elements (as seen on the place mats, the inner-rim design on the bowls holding the white pumpkins, and the candy apple tags) to showcase a spiderweb/gothic design, which added texture and dimension and also pulled our theme together on the table.

Caramel apples with a festive tag made perfect place cards as well as sweet parting gifts for guests. Mini white pumpkins were adorned with a paint effect, which turned out stunning, and we are obsessed!

Instead of flowers, we chose vibrant pumpkin branches (from Trader Joe’s!), and as our centerpiece, we made a “Spice, Rice Krispy, and Caramel Cake.” Instead of plain sticks down the center of the apples, we found these amazing plastic black “wicked” branches; perfect for the theme!

Stay tuned for a follow-up post, where we go into more detail about a few of the DIY’s you’ve seen here, as well as an easy how-to for an Autumn wreath.



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