36 Hours in L.A. (part 2, Pasadena Flea Market Adventure)


Calling lovers, collectors, and treasure hunters of all things vintage, handmade, and extraordinary: The Pasadena Flea Market is your mecca. We had our heads on a swivel the entire time we explored through this one-of-kind market. Not only is there SO much to see, but the vendors are friendly and interesting. Everything from beautiful handcrafted furniture, to textiles, to vintage tabletop finds are at your fingertips. No wonder this market is world famous!

Our tips:

  • Decide if this is a browsing trip or if you intend on buying something specific.
    • If you are looking for specific pieces, make sure you arrive EARLY (the market offers early/VIP entrance before the general public are allowed in) and manage your time wisely. Unfortunately, there’s no map that lets you know which vendors are where–so as previously stated–get there early so you can ward off the crowds and have time to get your barrings… trust us it’s worth it!
  •  Wear comfortable clothing & shoes. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fashion, but remember you will be walking around A LOT and extreme heat or cold will also play into your wardrobe choices 😉 It was pushing 100 degrees on the day we went (mid August), so bringing lots of water and wearing sunscreen is a MUST in the summer.
  • Don’t go on an empy stomach. There are limited food options in the morning (we were there from about 8am-11am and saw a few beverage stands but no food), so factor that into your trip.
  • Bring a wagon, if you have one, or large shopping tote to store all your finds. You may end up parking quite far away, so it won’t practical to run your treasures to the car and back before loading up for more.
  •  Make sure to chat with the vendors and get their contact info. Many have their own stores with even more selection and can usually custom make/order pieces for you.
  • The oldest flea market tip: bargain & haggle to try to get the best price you can!

Last tip: go with a friend and make a long weekend out of it like we did! You’ll be hungry and ready for brunch afterwards…


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