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A little bit about what we do:

“As event stylists, our job is to guide clients through their party theme and tell a story that is personal and brings their guests together. We want our style to embrace the guests as much as the host and hostess will embrace them when they arrive. We want to evoke emotion through our design. Celebrating an event with loved ones, no matter how big or small the event, is something to treasure. We help ensure that our clients will treat guests to a visual feast of food, drink, beauty, and always a little sparkle.”

For our first blog entry, we’re sharing a “Green Card Party” we recently planned and styled.

Green_Card_Party_sparkleandtoast56For clients, and close personal friends, Lydia and Steve, the long-awaited arrival of their green cards became the inspiration to gather their closest friends and family to rejoice in their decision to plant roots in Southern California.

The trick for this party was to go literal (a green theme, for a green card party) but not have it looking like a St. Patrick’s Day party. We sourced fresh, bright, and romantic greenery, and paired with neutral and soft accents. We mixed rustic and worn details (old wood pallets, branches) with modern glassware (vases, geometric orbs, crystal).

Green Card Party_Blog1
Desserts are a great opportunity to bring artistry into your party. We chose neutral colored, simple desserts and styled them with pops of green (pears, mint, edible gems). For our backdrop, we used an old wood pallet decorated with greens and faux lemon tree branches.
We transformed a simple chocolate ganache cake into a work of art with decorative (and edible) bright emerald gems and a large succulent.
Copper and geometric orbs were used as vases and filled with faux moss, succulents, and limes to add dimension to the dessert table. Since we chose not to drape this weathered, black wood table with a tablecloth, we decided on blackberries and dark succulents to accent the black color.
This custom “My Roots Lie Here” print was symbolic and sentimental to our clients and reminded them of their purpose for throwing this party. We knew it would make a special centerpiece, and we loved that the color scheme was so perfect!


Green Card Party2
For the drink station, we propped another wood pallet on a long, rectangular table, draped with a white tablecloth (floor-length, to hide unsightly metal table legs). Next, we layered faux palm leaves as a table runner, added glass beverage dispensers with our signature cocktails and, finally placed more copper geometric orbs and bouquets of fresh flowers. Since we chose a white tablecloth, we added white roses and baby’s breath to our bouquets and arrangements.
Green Card Party_blog4
A signature drink station is a showstopper at any party. Sticking to our green theme, but cautious of not stepping into bright green (and nuclear looking) drinks, we chose clear alcohol and water that we could accent with fresh fruit and garnishes. Remember to frame a printed menu to let your guests know what they’re drinking!

Green Card Party5

We created a custom hanging piece above the buffet of appetizers and hors d’oeuvres. Combining the two main decorative elements of the party (rustic greens and modern pops of metal and glass), we transformed an old tree branch into something pretty and whimsical by adding long strands of crystals. Green apples, limes, and pears were added to the food platters, along with fresh sprigs of rosemary and bouquets of flowers.


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